Meet the Mother-Daughter Team Set on Saving Cursive


A mother-daughter team is fighting a battle that should inspire bands of ruler-wielding teachers to join them in the fray—and will lead others to accuse them of being out of touch with the modern student. Linda Shrewsbury and Prisca LeCroy want America’s future generations to learn cursive, and they’ve just finished publishing their first book on the subject, which Kickstarters gave them over $33,000 to design and produce.

It’s easy to make the argument that class time would be better spent teaching kids to type 80 words-per-minute (or to code for that matter). In this digital age, isn’t giving cursive pride of place in the curriculum the didactic equivalent of teaching teens to ride horses instead of drive cars? After all, the Common Core standards being adopted by states around the country don’t waste any space on laying out penmanship goals.

Courtesy Linda ShrewsburyLinda Shrewsbury, left, and her daughter…

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Life In A Small Town

The AmarilloAlternativeNews Official Christmas Wish is for people to talk to each other in person this holiday. This blog endorses the idea of talking to people in person. What a great occasion to do so! It’s the holidays. Christmas, if it still has value in this over industrialized, teched-out society, should be a time to talk to people in person. Now more than ever, seeing other people during the holidays is crucial. This holiday, give someone the gift of seeing you in person. Really. It’s getting to be more and more of a rare and wonderful thing. You my dear are a rare holiday delicacy now. Seeing you is like a Harry and David gift box these days. For people to just SEE AND TALK TO EACH OTHER is like them exchanging salmon and beluga caviar at a party. To someone out there, you are a Harry and David gift box. To someone out there, you ARE the salmon and beluga caviar.

Some ways to talk to people in person:
Hand-deliver a Christmas card or a wreath. Go look up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Go through your phone and send a random Merry Christmas text to that person you haven’t texted in over three months. If there’s someone you’ve been fighting with, make up. Reach out to a family member on the phone who lives far away. Check in with your cousin/sibling/aunt/uncle on the other side of the country or town. Surprise a neighbor who you never talk to with a Christmas dish that you made. Put aside money to give to a homeless person and surprise the hell out of them with that money you saved up, and a Christmas card that says, “I believe in you.” Smile at someone you don’t normally smile at. They won’t know what hit them. These are just some ideas to get you (as well as me) going on this idea of talking to other people in person. But as you think of it, you’ll have many beautiful ideas of your own.

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Artist Call/ Amarillo Museum of Art Open

From their Facebook page:

The AMoA Open is a unique initiative designed to give artists of all ages and levels of experience an opportunity to exhibit their work in a museum setting. It is open to any artist working in any medium. We will accept only one work per person. The show is hung by the artist “salon style” from floor to ceiling.

The Open Reception is on January 3rd at 7pm at the Museum (2200 South Van Buren, Amarillo TX 79109). The show will run through the 10th.

See more information on the event page:

The Amarillo Museum of Art page:

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Hollywood and Google Still Fighting Over SOPA

The SOPA fight still isn’t over. Its latest proponent? Hollywood.

according to emails uncovered by the recent Sony hack and recent news stories, the movie industry is still fighting to revive the bill, even pushing Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood to make life uncomfortable for Google, one of the bill’s biggest detractors. And Google isn’t too happy about it.

On Friday, the search giant filed legal papers in federal court against Hood, requesting that the court stop his demands for information from the company. The move came a day after the company had unloaded a rather pointed blog post complaining about apparent efforts by the Motion Picture Association of America to revive SOPA and push an investigation of Google through Hood’s office.

–Davey Alba, Wired

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Former NYC police officer shot in Florida

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Monkey rescues electrocuted friend at rail track in India

Worth the click. What friends do for each other.

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10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably a Part Of

It’s very fabulous. It casts humor and light on the kinds of relationships people have these days. Everything’s weird. Most friendships are odd anymore and this article is honest about that.

There are great graphics, and of course, the list of the ten odd friendships. I’m sure that you’ll find one that you’ll relate to. There’s the “Non-character breaking friendship Who You Always Have to be ‘On’ With.” That would be the one who you do the platitudes with to a certain degree, which ends up with you both assuming caricatures of yourselves to please the other and keep it “light.” Then there’s the “Non Question-Asking Friend,” and more.

Graph by

Graph by

Image from

Image from

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Caliphate, misogynist, sociopath, and O.K. are all hot right now

They’re all trending words of 2014.

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Amarillo gas station drops below $2 a gallon


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Airlines Say They’re Being Cheated By Skiplagged Airfare Savings Site

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Airfares seem to keep on climbing, but a 23-year-old computer whiz found a way to save you hundreds of dollars on airline tickets.

As CBS2’s Emily Smith reported, helps you find what are called “hidden city” airfares with a few clicks of a mouse. And the site is creating some turbulence with travel industry giants.

With little more than a mattress on the floor, Aktarer Zaman’s tiny Manhattan apartment serves as the hub of operations for Skiplagged. The website works thusly – a traveler looks to fly from Newark to Miami, but might find it’s actually cheaper to buy a ticket to Charleston with a stopover in Miami.

“So the cheapest here (for that route) is $325,” Zaman explained.

Yahoo travel executive editor Laura Begley Bloom said the idea has been around for years.

“This has been a dirty little secret of the travel industry…

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