Got cleaning supplies?

Do you have extra supplies you don’t need? Just want to give to a good cause? If you’re in Amarillo, you can stop byJoe  Daddy’s Thursday night to donate some to Martha’s Home, a women’s shelter that’s helped a lot of people.image

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A way to help single moms serve Thanksgiving Dinner to their families

Scary Mommy is an internet community for “imperfect parents.” It’s a resourceful site that was started by a mother a few years ago. Three years ago, a Thanksgiving initiative started to help feed families on Thanksgiving. It helped feed a few families at the time. More needing families came forward, and more donators stepped in. Donating some money goes to a lovely cause. While a lot of us dread Thanksgiving and having to deal with family drama, some families don’t even get to have dinner at all that day. You can help. You can also help spread the word by copying these pictures, uploading them on FB, or linking to their site through your own social media channels.




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Amazon looking to hire 80,000 temp workers for Holiday season

They need people to work in its fulfillment centers throughout the US for holiday order processing. That’s the most they’ve ever aspired to hire for the holidays.

The closest ones to Amarillo are in the Denton and Dallas areas, respectively.

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Selfie with comet at 16 kilometers: Space in Images – 2014 – 10 – Rosetta mission selfie

Space in Images – 2014 – 10 – Rosetta mission selfie at 16 km.

Rosetta mission with comet. Photo Credits: ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA

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Amarillo Job Fair on Tuesday October 14, 2014

Over 90 Texas Panhandle employers will be at the Amarillo Job Fair at the Amarillo Civic Center in the North Exhibit Hall (401 South Buchanan) on Tuesday. It goes from 10AM until 4pm.

Such vendors include: Amarillo College, AT&T, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, Pantex, City of Amarillo, Amarillo Independent School District, Chipotle, Goodwill Industries, Texas Veterans Commission, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, MD Helicopters, Inc., Suddenlink, AIG, West Texas A&M University, Workforce Solutions, Hastings Entertainment, Job Corps, and many more.

For more information, go to

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4 Fabulous Places to See Art in Amarillo

Like the music scene here, the art scene has some very solid work in some very well-run art spaces. One good way to pass the time on a first Friday or a Saturday afternoon: spend it gallery-hopping at these places. A lovely time of visual enlightenment and stimulation is sure to be had.

Process Art House 700 South Van Buren, Amarillo TX 79101. Always something new and fun going on here.

Red Gallery 2751 Civic Circle, Amarillo TX 79106. This newer gallery of the past few months features an eclectic mix of Amarillo artists, both well-known and up and coming artists.

Diio Gallery Studio 59, 3701 Plains Blvd, Amarillo TX 79102. This gallery opened in the past month, and they are also dedicated to promoting local artists.

The 806 2812 SW 6th, Amarillo TX 79106. Every first Thursday of each month has an art opening/ reception of either a solo show or a group show.   They also have great coffee.

These are just a few of the many wonderful spaces in the area. Recurring posts listing galleries to come.

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Learning how to see…

Two little girls in India who were born blind are enabled to see for the first time after an operation. What if you were seeing the world you’ve lived in since birth for the first time?

This article in Time features a photo essay of the girls during and after the surgeries. Two little girls learning to see. This article will make you smile.

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Good will: Man pays $1k at drive thru to feed those behind him

A man at an Abilene, TX Chik-fil-a paid $1000 at the drive-thru to feed those behind him in line.

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Originally posted on What a Witch:

I have a pet peeve.

This is a picture of a semi-fictional character called Rosie the Riveter.


See it even says her name on the picture.

Let’s pause here and examine the picture above. It’s an example of exceptional art. The subject is lovely. She’s large, red haired, bold featured, a bit dirty, wearing overalls, and a welding mask as well as goggles, (which seems somewhat redundant to me) holding a massive pneumatic drill, holding a lunchbox and eating actual food. In other words, she epitomizes everything that made Norman Rockwell an outstanding artist; she’s a real person with flaws and the picture is telling a story through her realness and her flaws.

NOT Rosie

This is not Rosie the Riveter. Nope, sorry. I know that a lot of people think that this is a RR picture. It isn’t. What it is is an anti-union poster from Westinghouse. If you look…

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New Texas textbooks evaluated for bias

A report from the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has declared that the information in social studies textbooks that have been adopted by the Texas State Board of Education contain inaccurate and biased information. These books, intended for Texas schools, were found by scholars to contain erroneous information based on ideology rather than historical data.

“Their findings say several textbooks include biased statements that inappropriately portray Muslims negatively, give a lack of attention to Native American peoples and culture and give undue legitimacy to neo-Confederate arguments about states’ rights and the legacy of slavery in the south, among other concerns. The scholars also said a number of government and world history textbooks “exaggerate Judeo-Christian influence” on the nation’s founding and have inaccurate accounts of other religions.

Ten university scholars reviewed the content of 43 history, government and geography textbooks that the State Board of Education is expected to adopt this fall. The State Board of Education will have a public hearing on the textbooks next week.”

–Melissa B. Taboada, Austin American-Statesman


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