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Texas Governor Perry Indicted on Charges of Abuse of Power

The investigation centered on Mr. Perry’s veto power as governor. His critics asserted that he used that power as leverage to try to get an elected official and influential Democrat — Rosemary Lehmberg, the district attorney in Travis County — … Continue reading

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President Obama Can (and Should) Embrace the FOIA Improvements Act | Commentary

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President Obama Can (and Should) Embrace the FOIA Improvements Act | Commentary 2 Comments Email By Amy Bennett July 2, 2014, 11:10 a.m. On June 24, Sens. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., and John Cornyn, R-Texas, unveiled…

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Citizens in Brownsville arrested by Border Patrol for asserting their rights

To refrain from answering questions by law enforcement when there’s no warrant, or you don’t know why you’re being asked, is generally thought to be acting within your Fourth Amendment rights.   On the Texas border, it gets sticky. U.S. Citizens … Continue reading

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Rick Perry opts to not instate prison rape guidelines to protect minors in TX

  Mother’s fight to improve prison conditions in TX for boys by separating them from men after the suicide of her son after repeated rapes is acknowledged in every state but Texas, where it all happened.  The mother herself passed … Continue reading

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Pussy Riot rallies for American Political Prisoner Cecily McMillan

“In breaking news, members of the punk band “Pussy Riot” have made their way from from Russia to the United States, to visit Cecily McMillan, 25, an American Political Prisoner. Ironically enough, there was widespread support for the jailed members … Continue reading

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Don’t drink and drive in Texas; you may get 70 years.

They don’t mess around here. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for driving while intoxicated; even first-time offenders go to jail, and most likely you’ll get license suspension. An open container will get you at least 6 days in jail. Then … Continue reading

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May Day 2014- #decolonize the US picks up steam

A scheduled day of protests in cities all around the country is garnering more anticipated attendees. The protests are Occupy-esque,  and they’re meant to be against the government in general and Capitalism. For more information, please visit the link above. … Continue reading

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Car burglars after personal information

Identity thieves often obtain your personal info the old-fashioned way- not by computer hacking, but by stealing it out of your car. Officers arrest wanted person, uncover drugs, stolen documents, currency-related items The Amarillo Police Department said that about 20 … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane…

(Rubin Carter and Jose Gonzalez) Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, the boxer originally from Clifton, New Jersey, was first immortalized in this song, and later in the movie “Hurricane,” which starred Denzel Washington. He spent 19 years in prison for the 1966 … Continue reading

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