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The predatory, booming industry of property tax lending in Texas

This is a very informative and in-depth article on the business of property tax lending in Texas, where people borrow at high interest rates in order to pay off delinquent property taxes. It’s not at all consumer-friendly. It’s a booming … Continue reading

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Still more ways to help Fritch, TX

The May fire damage in Fritch was significant, but it wasn’t enough for the town to get federal relief. For a long time, the area’s economy depended on tourism to Lake Meredith, whose water level has hit an all-time low. … Continue reading

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Mexico’s oil and gas reserves go to international market; prepares for fracking in the gulf

    “After generations of state control, Mexico’s vast oil and gas reserves will soon open for business to the international market. In December 2013, Mexico’s Congress voted to break up the longstanding monopoly held by the state-owned oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos — … Continue reading

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Texas politics’ secret to staying hot and spicy? Secret’s in the sauce.

(“Rock Out” is the name of a pair of stilettos by Hourglass Footwear which are hand-painted à la Sriracha hot sauce.) They’ll dump radioactive waste in Andrews and it’s no big thing. Chili pepper vapors in the air ARE a big deal and make … Continue reading

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Big tech companies playing a role in preserving Net Neutrality

    “This commission should take the necessary steps to ensure that the Internet remains an open platform for speech and commerce so that America continues to lead the world in technology markets.” – letter from coalition of all the … Continue reading

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Golden rice in Texas? Evaluating genetically engineered rice-by-design

Golden Rice is a saffron-colored bioengineered rice that a lot of people are trying to make a case for. Greenpeace doesn’t support golden rice. Proponents of the non-GMO movement don’t like the idea of altering food in any way, shape … Continue reading

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Red states lead the nation in states requiring federal funding

Texas comes in at 15th place, Mississippi comes in 1st, and Oklahoma comes in at #7. More from Latina Lista article…

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New Farm Bill Provides Relief for Local Ranchers

The new farm bill provides several programs to assist producers who have been experiencing higher than normal cattle deaths and loss of grazing areas. The Livestock Forage Disaster Program is one of these programs that aim to help out agricultural … Continue reading

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Exploring the Stakes at the Heart of Keystone XL Decision

(Map of proposed Keystone XL pipeline, and others.) Obama got pressured by Democrats in the Senate to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, an arduously long, imposing pipeline that would stretch from Hardisty, Alberta to Houston, carrying oil-rich tar sands, the … Continue reading

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In today’s news, America in a “Warp speed of Decline”

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