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Biking across the Panhandle for 4-H Healthy Living Program

Joe Ostaszewski reminds us that fitness is as simple as getting outside, riding your bike, and having fun. He was a finalist on The Biggest Loser. He is riding a bicycle across the country to raise awareness for the 4-H … Continue reading

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Discussion of GMO foods program set for July 15, Dimmitt

From press release on Texas Ag Daily: Texas Agriculture Daily News Discussion of GMO foods program set for July 15, Dimmitt Monday, July 07, 2014 A program explaining the role of genetically modified organism (GMO) foods in the U.S. food … Continue reading

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Cornell ethics board did not pre-approve Facebook’s manipulative “mood study” Cornell University did not pre-approve a study that Facebook did, in which it manipulated user’s news feeds to see how showing them mostly positive or mostly negative posts affected the … Continue reading

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Emojis as a branch of cultural studies? O_o

When you think of cultural analysis, what pops into your head? For me, it’s Margaret Mead doing her ethnography of Samoa. But nowadays, people are studying little faces on screens. Are they modern glyphs? Are they a text of sorts … Continue reading

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Lubbock ISD wins lawsuit over banning Jesus Tattoo advertisement

Lubbock ISD wins lawsuit over banning Jesus Tattoo advertisement.

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Today in Texas History…

“May 16, 1968 On this day in 1968, 400 students at Edgewood High School in San Antonio held a walkout and demonstration, and marched to the district administration office. Ninety percent of the students in the Edgewood district were of Mexican … Continue reading

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Native Amarillo writer George Saunders on the Nature of Kindness

In 2013, The New York Times referred to Amarillo-born writer George Saunders’ book The Tenth of December as “the best book you’ll read this year.” A short story writer, Mr. Saunders has this year won the Story Prize and the $67,000 … Continue reading

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Satanic mass at Harvard

A satanic “black mass” at Harvard University is causing a stir with the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston. The mass is to be held for educational purposes, but the local pillars of the Catholic Church in that area are against it.  … Continue reading

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Amarillo Area Foundation is there to help the Panhandle

This wonderful site is for one of the area’s crown jewels– the Amarillo Area Foundation, a nonprofit community that works to benefit citizens of the Texas Panhandle. The Foundation was formed in 1957, originally to address the needs of the … Continue reading

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Real-time birth and death ticker

The numbers move so very fast as they count the births and deaths in the world in real time, happening as every moment passes.  

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