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Another Plastic Island in South Atlantic

The Terrifying True Story of the Garbage That Could Kill the Human Race Where does plastic go? It never leaves completely. Pieces of plastic from almost 100 years ago are still floating in our oceans in some form. A new … Continue reading

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Texas Bullet Train in the Works The Bullet Train That Could Change Everything by Aman Batheja and Stephen J. Smith, The Texas Tribune Aug. 18, 2014 For years, the Japanese company behind the world’s first and busiest high-speed rail system has been itching to enter … Continue reading

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Is anyone else amused that sharks are eating the Internet?

All this time I thought that human hubris would bring down the Internet eventually, but alas, it’s being consumed by something much cooler: sharks. Sharks are eating the undersea cables that connect our modern world. There are a lot of … Continue reading

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Pumping Water From Lake Meredith Once More

In Panhandle, a Growing Need for a Shallow Lake’s Water by Neena Satija, The Texas Tribune Aug. 8, 2014 In a sign of just how strapped the Texas Panhandle and South Plains are for water supplies, water systems in the … Continue reading

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Northern New Mexico an enchanting green spot, getting most rain in Southwest

Amarillans have always flocked to the Enchanted Circle (I.e. Eagle Nest, Red River, Taos) of New Mexico for summer vacations. Now is a good time to go. The area is getting more rain than the rest of the Southwest. Places … Continue reading

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West Texas County Wants Nuclear Waste Dumped to Improve Conditions

The town of Mentone, which has a population of 95, is nestled in Loving County, Texas. Officials believe that having nuclear waste dumped there would improve roads, schools, and bring more business to the county. The waste would have to … Continue reading

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Rare Amazon Jungle Dog Caught on Video

Rare Amazon Jungle Dog Caught on Video. Sniffing around just like any other dog is this very rare wild jungle dog known as the short-eared dog.

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Bhopal: Thirty years after the worst industrial accident in history…

…people are still suffering. Over 20,000 people are estimated to have died after an American-owned plant, Union Carbide leaked tons and tons of a poisonous gas.    “Before dawn on December 3, 1984, a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, exploded … Continue reading

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Our garbage makes its way to the Arctic

Microplastics, tiny bits of plastic, have made their way to the Arctic circle. A scientist from Dartmouth who was studying microscopic organisms in samples of sea water found tiny pieces of plastic debris. This is evidence that our garbage and … Continue reading

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How Long Can Uranium Last? A Long Time Indeed

Originally posted on Musings on Interesting Things:
Excellent summary by Charles Barton of this question at “The Nuclear Green Revolution” … Thus global Uranium land resources will be sufficient to supply the human population of the world for a few…

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